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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Lightbox pop-up definition?

What is Lightbox pop-up definition ?

A lightbox pop-up is a pop-up that appears over the visited page while the latter is darkened and inactivated - links don’t work. The lightbox effect ensures the visitor attention focuses on the overlay though the visitor can always use a closing cross.

Lightbox pop-up are used on websites to promote content and offers. They can be used:
- for subscribtion form (email or membership)
- for content offer (webinar, white paper)
- for special offer
- for live chat
- as an ad space - like old pop-up window ads.
- etc.

To reduce intrusiveness and according to the purpose of the lightbox, the appearance of the pop-up may be managed through cookies and visitor behaviors.

For more details and info about lightbox impact, see also lightbox subscribe form.

The name of lightbox pop-up come from the Javascript Lightbox application that authorize the visual effect.

An example of lighbox pop-up usage:

Published on Wednesday 1 May 2013 (Authors)