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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Live chat support definition?

What is Live chat support definition ?

Live chat is a customer / visitor support tool that allows a customer service representative to converse in real time via typing with a potential customer.

Live chat services favor sales by assisting and resolving customer queries and by upselling and cross-selling propositions.

Live chat service can be managed internally or outsourced to external agents. A chat operator can manage multiple visitors at the same time. The live chat software is usually a saas solution.

Live chat can be proactive or passive (see proactive live chat and passive live chat).

Boldchat Live Chat E-ffectiveness study 2012 (2027 respondants on a third party opt-in panel):


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An example of proactive live chat support :


An evaluation of a live chat session:


An example of live chat operator job offer:

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