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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Local marketing definition?

What is Local marketing definition ?

The term local marketing can have two different meanings in the marketing field.

In its most common usage, local marketing refers to all the marketing actions used to reach a local population. It is used by retailers and physical stores networks who want to reach consumers in their catchment areas.

The most frequently used techniques in the context of local marketing are:

- Local advertising
- Unaddressed admail / door-to-door leaflets
- Direct marketing
- Local SEO
- Mobile marketing
- ....

In a different perspective and in the context of a multinational marketing policy, the term local marketing can designate marketing actions which are specific and appropriate to the scale and distinctiveness of a given country.

In this case, the concept of local marketing is opposed to global marketing and is part of the glocal marketing.

Published on Sunday 31 May 2015, mis a jour le Monday 27 April 2015 (Authors)