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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Long-tail keywords definition?

What is Long-tail keywords definition ?

Long-tail keywords refer to the multitude of keywords which taken individually represent little search traffic but a big part of a website search traffic when considered all together. Long-tails can count hundreds or even thousands of keywords for a single generic short-tail keyword.

Long-tail keywords are usually longer than short-tail keywords and can be made of three or more words. But some rare synonyms can be one word long and being long tail keywords.

An illustration of long-tail keywords by Search Engine Partner:

Long-tail keywords concept is equally used for SEO and PPC search engine campaigns.

The use of long-tail keywords has two main benefits, the competion is less intensive - and bids are lower for PPC campaigns - and some long-tail keywords are used by highly qualified visitors.

Image source Mindsaw blog

For SEO context, the use of long-tail keywords requires often to multiply doorway pages by the way of automated production.

For AdWords campaigns, if not automated, long-tails keywords campaigns are time-consuming and the doorway pages possibly created for SEO purposes may be very useful.

Many tools and dedicated functions are offered for long-tail keywords searching and management.

See also short tail keywords.

An example of keyword research tools:

Published on Sunday 14 December 2014 (Authors)