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The digital marketing glossary > L > What is Loyalty toolbar definition?

What is Loyalty toolbar definition ?

A loyalty toolbar is a toolbar offered by a website, company or show business star and which is installed and integrated into web user browsers.

A loyalty toolbar may offer different services and functions to users:

- direct access to the website
- news or promotion alerts
- incentives and rewards to users
- ....

A loyalty toolbar is a loyalty and top of mind tool for the brand (promotor), but it may also generate additional revenue through affiliate programs by monetizing internet users` day to day activities. In this last case revenues are sometimes shared between the company which offers the branded toolbar and the company which has developed the toolbar (when the toolbar is developed for free). A share of revenues may also be given to causes.

When the toolbar generates affiliate revenues, his promotor / editor is seen as a parasitic affiliate by the "legitimate" ones.

An example of the loyalty toolbar offered by Aerosmith:

The benefits of a toolbar for its diffuser / editor:

Published on Saturday 3 November 2012 (Authors)