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The digital marketing glossary > M > What is Multivariate testing tools definition?

What is Multivariate testing tools definition ?

Multivariate testing usually requires to use specialized MVT solutions wich are numerous on the market.

MVT platforms allow to implement and manage tests without - or at least with very little- IT department intervention.

This article focus on MVT tools functionalities and deployment. Multivariate test principles and benefits must be seen at multivariate test definition.


Test deployment:

- The first task is to design the experiment by choosing pages to be tested, variables and variations of the variables. For complex projects consulting services from the solution provider may be neeeded.


- The next stage is to declare on the platform the variables to be tested and for each variable to create or indicate the different versions to use. It is generally done on wysiwyg intuitive interfaces by just pointing, clicking or importing images.

In the demo below we can see how variations are easily created:


- Then a little and simple work of implementation has to be made on the client website. A javascript code snippet edited by the solution has to be pasted in html page code and another code pasted on conversion confirmation page.


- As the platform manages the experiment, each visitor which belongs to the targeted sample would see various combinations of the tested variables. When visitors’ browsers ask for the page on the website server, the inserted javascript code redirect to the test platform and the sections of the page are altered dynamically as the browser displays the page to the user. Some solutions use proxy-server and the visitor is not initially addressed to the website but directly to the test platform.

A persistent cookie is stored in the visitor’s browser to assign the same combination for a next visit and to track post-visit conversion.


- During the MVT test deployment results can be delivered in real time and the test stopped when results are statistically significant.

Some solutions offer continuous optimization service which allows to dynamically adjust site or page with winner components after test results and to add continuously new variable values.

Cost and pricing plans:

Costs vary widely according to functional coverage, test volumes and consulting needed.

Some platforms have monthly fees, others charge for each server call or visitor particpating to the experiment and others mix these elements.

Many offer free trial for amonth and first 10 or 20 000 participant visitors.

For a SMB, monthly fee may be from 50 to $100 for approximately 20 000 participants and a cost of about $.005 per participant in excess.

For hundreds of thousands of participants, the cost would be of several hundreds dollars. As seen in multivariate testing definition, number of participants needed for significant results must not be underestimated.

For big enterprises which use dedicated account manager, consulting services and high volumes of data and participants, the cost may be several thousands dollars per month.

Sometimes, free MVT functions are integrated in web analytics or CMS solutions. But they are usually less easy to use and have hidden costs.

Published on Sunday 28 October 2012 (Authors)