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The digital marketing glossary > O > What is Offline data definition?

What is Offline data definition ?

Offline data refers to data used for data-driven marketing on digital marketing channels and which originates from offline sources.

Offline data can be the own merchant’s data - from CRM datafiles - or data bought from offline data vendors. Offline data offered by vendors can be retail transactions from credit card networks, aggregated offline catalog transactions, syndicated loyalty-card data and more. When the data comes from third party vendors, it is theorically non personally identifiable data.

Offline data can be used for advertising targeting or personalization practices on merchant websites. It can be mixed with online behavioral and contextual data.

Use of offline data needs somewhere a process by which the offline data is appended to personal and anonymous profiles through cookies. For instance, on a merchant site the offline data is appended from CRM database to a cookie when the visitor uses his name for registering or ordering.

Published on Friday 4 January 2013, mis a jour le Tuesday 15 January 2013 (Authors)