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The digital marketing glossary > O > What is Online behavioral tracking definition?

What is Online behavioral tracking definition ?

Online behavioral tracking refers to the practice of tracking web users (and mobile apps users) on the Internet. Browsing histories, email interactions and website visitors’ behaviors are tracked, collected and storaged for marketing and advertising purposes.

Behavioral tracking can be done one an unique site level (ecommerce website, publisher site), at a network level(behavioral network) or even on an Internet Service Provider level.

Online behavioral tracking is the source of numerous digital marketing techniques:
- behavioral advertising and targeting
- website personalization
- email personalization
- retargeting
- ...

Online behavioral tracking is essentially based on cookies and raises privacy issues because the most of the tracking is useen by the Internet user and because it is not easy or possible to oppose the practice.

Published on Monday 1 October 2012, mis a jour le Sunday 7 October 2012 (Authors)