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The digital marketing glossary > O > What is Opt-out cookie definition?

What is Opt-out cookie definition ?

An opt-out cookie is set by an ad network on a user’s desktop for registering the fact that a consumer does not want to be targeted according to his past browsing behavior.

The cookie has a code value that tells the ad network server not to do interest-based targeting. An opt-out cookie does not stop ad serving but only behavioral targeting.

It is a paradox that the consumer must accept a cookie for opposing tracking.

Opt-out cookies are often denounced as being ineffective as they can be unwillingly deleted or the opt-out process has to be made again if one change the browser or the computer.

For the first reason, some actors offer browser plugins dedicated to opt-out.

Below, Network Advertising Initiative enables on a single page to verify the presence of cookies of more than 70 players in behavioral marketing and to practice the opt-out.

See also opt-out tool and ad preferences manager.

Published on Sunday 30 December 2012, mis a jour le Tuesday 15 September 2015 (Authors)