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The digital marketing glossary > O > What is Opt-out tool or page definition?

What is Opt-out tool or page definition ?

An opt-out tool or page is an interface that allows consumers to opt-out from behavioral targeting (the most often interest based targeting).

An opt-out tool or page may be offered by a single network or by an advertising trade association. In the latter case, the consumer can opt-out from each network member of the association or make an overall opt-out.

In some case, an opt-out tool based on a browser plugin or addon may be offered to prevent the limits of opt-out cookies.

Opt-out tools and pages are a result of self regulation or privacy laws.

The opt-out tools offered by NAI.

opt-out tool

An opt-tool offered by a network:

opt-out page

Published on Sunday 30 December 2012 (Authors)