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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is PPC affiliate marketing definition?

What is PPC affiliate marketing definition ?

PPC affiliate marketing refers to the practice of using PPC ads to generate affiliate commissions.

A PPC affiliate bids on keywords on PPC search engine platforms (i.e., AdWords) to refer consumers or leads to an affiliate merchant website in the hope of earning commissions for each sale or lead thus generated. It is a form of keyword trading.

To succeed, ppc affiliates have to spend less on keyword buying than they earn from affiliate commissions. If not well managed, ppc affiliate marketing may be a risky business.

Normally, PPC affiliate marketing is only possible if terms and conditions of affiliate contract allows affiliates to bid on search engines. The most often, merchants don’t allow affiliates to bid on their trademarks as keywords (see trademark poaching).

Usually, PPC affiliates bid on niche keywords not used by the merchant which controls the affiliate program, nor by other affiliates. When allowed, PPC affiliate marketing is hard to use if the merchant masters PPC ads.

PPC affiliate marketing is not only bidding on search engines, it can also refers to PPC platforms as Facebook or more seldomly on PPC display networks.

Published on Wednesday 7 November 2012 (Authors)