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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is PPC search ad definition?

What is PPC search ad definition ?

A PPC search ad is an ad displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs) and charged to advertisers on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis. Advertisers set different bids for each keyword or group of keywords.Bid levels depends on keyword potentials and their ability to transform.

Ad ranks are attributed to advertisers according to bid amounts and other factors like clickthrough rates, announce quality, landing pages, etc. See quality score for more details.

Most often search ads are text ads but it exists other kind of search ads like PLAs on Google.

PPC search ads have been invented by Go.com and later popularized by Google AdWords offer. More than 80% off search ads are sold by Google, but all major search engines offer search ads.

An example of PPC search ads on Google:


In some cases, big publishers can also sold search ads on their internal search engine.

See also PPC advertising and PPC search ad network.

Published on Wednesday 24 July 2013 (Authors)