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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is PPC search ad network definition?

What is PPC search ad network definition ?

Strictly speaking, a PPC search advertising network is a network syndicating search queries offered to avertisers’ bids from several search engines and other search sources.

There are two types of PPC search networks, main PPC search networks ( also called first tier networks) and second tier PPC networks.

For the US market and since the Yahoo / Bing alliance, there are only two first tier PPC networks: Google and the Yahoo / Bing Network which together count for 80% of US search queries.

The part of searches done on external search partners is very low for Google though it counts AOL and Ask as search partners. Its Adsense network is more a contextual display network than a search network.

The network dimension is stronger for the Yahoo / Bing Network and especially for second tier networks.

For more details on how a PPC search ad network works, see PPC search engine.

Published on Monday 7 January 2013 (Authors)