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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is PTC site definition?

What is PTC site definition ?

PTC site means Paid to Click Site. A PTC site pays people for clicking on links and ads and then it is normally paid by advertisers. A PTC site is a middleman between individuals and advertisers.

After signing-up, a PTC site member is daily provided -on an interface or email - with links or ads to click and receives a cent or a fraction of cent for each click. The member has often to stay a minimum of time on the advertiser site to be paid. The member can also earn revenue by referring new member.

In fact, PTC sites theoritical business model is mostly unsustainable because people wanting to click every day for a fraction of cent are evidently not good prospects. PTC sites are commonly banished from affiliate programs and other PPC programs. Paradoxically, many PTC sites live upon selling upgrade services to members and many members pay finally more than they earn.

PTC environment is often a scam world.

See also GPT site.

Some examples of PTC sites:

PTC site

Published on Monday 11 March 2013 (Authors)