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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Paywall definition?

What is Paywall definition ?

Paywall is a system by which readers are prevented to access content on newspaper websites if they do not pay a print or digital subscription.

Paywall is a response to the fact that ad revenues associated with free newspaper and magazines content can’t compense print advertising revenues and subscriptions / paid editions revenues.

The system is called hard paywall when visitors are denied all access to content. With soft paywall, they can read few articles per visit or per month.

For hard paywall, Google has created an option named first click free which allow visitors to access an article which is present on search engine result pages (SERP). For news websites with paywall, it is still a way to appears in SERPs.

Soft paywall on The New York Times website:

Other soft paywalls :


Published on Saturday 3 March 2012, mis a jour le Thursday 4 April 2013 (Authors)