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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Personalized landing page definition?

What is Personalized landing page definition ?

A personalized landing page is a particular form of dynamic landing page where personalized and relevant informations are used for optimizing conversion.

Personalized landing pages can be built upon :
- visitor’s name
- visitor’s company name in B2B context
- personalized offer
- etc.

Personalized landing page allow to welcome visitors by name and to pre-fill form fields for lead generation purposes.

In some cases, the personalized components are made not obvious for the visitor for avoiding a "big brother effect".

Evidently, personalized landing page requires the use of PURLs.

An example of perzonalized landing page with a pre-filled webform :

Image credit Easypurl.

Personalized landing page can also be used with direct mail and catalogs.

A personalized landing page beyond a direct mail piece :

image credit PrioritySmart.

Published on Thursday 18 December 2014 (Authors)