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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Prankvertising definition?

What is Prankvertising definition ?

Prankvertising is the fact of entraping or surprising unsuspecting consumers by a prank, hidden camera or spectacular stunt. The video shootage is then used as a commercial or viral video.

Prankvertising existed before the avent of digital marketing but advertisers and agencies are increasingly using this advertising technique on the Internet. The reasons are they dont need to buy TV spots and they can gain earned media via buzz and virality. Pranvertising is also a way to benefit from longer product demonstration and to connect with young customers on social media.

Prankvertising creatives may gain millions of views on the Internet but also fail for lack of quality. As for other viral video techniques it is a risky technique that leads sometimes to the "jackpot".

Some prankvertising shooting may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some of the most known and successful examples of prankvertising:




Published on Tuesday 2 December 2014 (Authors)