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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Predictive targeting definition?

What is Predictive targeting definition ?

Predictive targeting is used for advertising or on-site conversion purposes.

Demographic charasteristics and on-line behavior - sometimes mixed with off-line data - are analyzed to predict which users are likely to buy and possibly what products they will buy. Scores are often used for showing the buying likelihood.

Behavior patterns are modelled by observing all actions of all visitors or users and particularly past behaviors of actual buyers

Predictive targeting is used for on-site conversion optimization. Proactive live chat, site personalization and product recommendations can be based on predictive targeting.

In digital advertising context, it is one of many kinds of behavioral targeting techniques. See also in-market targeting and intent based marketing.

Predictive targeting can also be used for identifying potential defectors and take prevention actions. The practice has been used for a long time by phone carriers in the off-line world.

Published on Tuesday 15 January 2013 (Authors)