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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Premium ad network definition?

What is Premium ad network definition ?

A premium ad network is an ad network dedicated to sell ads from high profile websites with good ad placement and good content context.

The "premium ad network" appellation is used to differentiate these networks from "low-end" ad networks.

Real premium ad networks are theorically a guarantee for brand safety.

Premium ad networks originally sell premium inventory ads on a guaranteed basis. Contrary to basic ad networks which bulk-buy renmant inventory for reselling it with a margin to advertisers (often on a CPC basis), premium networks are paid by trading commissions based upon ad sales.

Premium ad networks can be vertical or horizontal networks.

Lines between premium and "ordinary" networks are blurring and many networks use the "premium" qualificative to get business from agencies and advertisers.

Each ad network segment - vertical, horizontal, PPC, retargeting, etc. - has his own self-proclaimed premium networks.

Published on Friday 16 November 2012 (Authors)