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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Private ad exchange definition?

What is Private ad exchange definition ?

A private ad exchange is an ad exchange created by a publisher or a group of publishers to automate ad selling with a selected group of advertisers or agencies through DSPs and trading desks. Private ad exchanges are theorically private ad marketplaces.

Private ad exchanges are between direct sales and renmant inventory selling on public ad exchanges.

For publishers private ad exchanges have several benefits against public ones:

- setting floor prices is easier
- non guaranteed premium inventory may be sold through the private ad exchange
- full view and control of buyers
- the private exchange editor is then a technology vendor and not a commercial intermediary

Dedicated technology vendors help publishers to built private ad exchanges.

An issue is tho have enough buyers through DSPs and rading desks to ensure price floors matching. Thus, private ad exchange are for large publishers or media group.

For advertisers, private ad-exchanges are a means to control ad placement quality and to prevent "risky" blind buy.


Published on Friday 12 October 2012, mis a jour le Wednesday 21 November 2012 (Authors)