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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Proactive live chat definition?

What is Proactive live chat definition ?

Proactive live chat refers to the practice of proposing a live chat session to some website visitors.

The chat service is called proactive because the chat session offer is done only for selected visitors by prominently displaying a chat proposal.

The visitors selection is based on:
- product categories or product pages viewed
- website sections visits (prices, products and services details, etc..)
- visitor scoring
- waiting time
- abandonment behavior
- etc.

For more advanced solutions, intelligent business rules and predictive intelligence technology can be used to deliver the right chat invitation to the right customer at the right time.

See also abandonment live chat.

Boldchat Live Chat E-ffectiveness study 2012 (2,027 respondents on a third party opt-in panel):


In the example below, the live chat proposal is done only on the product feature comparison chart and is contextualized:

Published on Sunday 30 September 2012, mis a jour le Tuesday 9 October 2012 (Authors)