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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Programmatic retargeting definition?

What is Programmatic retargeting definition ?

Programmatic site retargeting is a term used for the more advanced forms of site retargeting.

With programmatic site retargeting, all visitors are not adressed the same way and messages and offers are customized according to complex rules and scenarii.

For programmatic retargeting many elements can be taken into account for qualifying and scoring the visitors which are fetched back on the retargeting network.

- visit behavior
- referral data
- consumer or visitor data (when known)
- or viewed
- keywords used
- ...

Scenarii and creatives are then adapted to the visitor data for retargeting deployment.

Only a specific part of visitors can be retargeted according to visitor scores built during the initial visit on the advertiser’s webesite. The score allows advertisers to give a value for each visitor and to adapt bids when RTB is used for retargeting.

The programmatic or smart retargeting term is used by some vendors as a selling point for differentiating themselves from "basic" site retargeting.

An example of how audience or visitor scores can be used for retargeting purposes on Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX):

Image Credit Ignition One

The contribution of using dynamic ads for retargeting according to Triggit:

Dynamic ad

Published on Saturday 12 January 2013, mis a jour le Sunday 13 January 2013 (Authors)