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The digital marketing glossary > P > What is Publisher ad server definition?

What is Publisher ad server definition ?

A publisher ad server allows publishers and ad networks to manage ad serving and trafficking within their digital estates (web, mobile, video, app, etc.). Publisher ad servers are daily work tools for ad traffickers.

Main features of publisher ad servers are:

- ad placement management
- ad tags creation and management
- ad redirect management
- inventory management
- insertion order management (targeting, dayparting, capping,..)
- reporting for publishers, agencies and advertisers
- conversion measurement (when not done at agency ad server level)
- media orders and invoices management
- connections with ad exchanges, SSP and data platforms
- ...

Publisher ad servers must combine guaranteed inventory management and RTB features.

The most often, publisher ad servers are offered as a hosted service, aka SAAS. Main ad server platforms deliver several billion of ad impressions per day.

Most used and known ad server for publisher is DFP.

Setting a campaign order in DFP:

Some video showing ad server usages:

Published on Friday 26 April 2013 (Authors)