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The digital marketing glossary > R > What is Real-time marketing definition?

What is Real-time marketing definition ?

The real-time marketing concept may refer to different notions in digital marketing environment.

Firstly, real-time marketing can be tied to automation marketing concept by which micro or individual campaigns are automatically triggered by events and customers’ actions. In this case, we speak of real-time marketing because the marketing message is sometimes created and sent in real time. In this situation a message can be sent in real-time but the campaign and templates have been implemented beforehand.

Real-time marketing term is also used for describing marketing actions and executions that are realized in real-time. Thus, ads are often targeted, custom taylored and bought in milliseconds in digital advertising ecosystem. Reporting is also done and accessible in real-time for most digital campaigns.

Lastly, the real-time marketing concept has been used for a different meaning. It then refers to marketing actions that are thought of and deployed almost in real time by brands to react to different events and to capitalize on social media buzzing. In this case, real-time marketing campaign are often thought of and implemented within a brand newsroom.

For instance Procter & Gamble’ Pantene Brand has leveraged the social talking about hair and dresses during 2013 Oscar Ceremony by using #WantThatHair branded hashtag. The company claimed an estimated 41.9 million impressions in three days.

An example of humorous tweet mocking the 2014 iPhone Bendgate :


During the 2014 FIFA soccer Worldcup, many opportunistic tweets have been released by brands.

In this case, real-time marketing may also have certain dangers. In the example shown below a dutch airline made fun of mexicans defeated by the dutch soccer team. The mocking tweet was finally erased after controversy and bad buzz. To see others examples of good and bad hashtag hijacking, see hashtag hijacking definition.

For a video parody of real time marketing see reactvertising (TM).

See the brand newsroom definition for illustrations and more details.

Published on Friday 12 December 2014, mis a jour le Monday 15 December 2014 (Authors)