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The digital marketing glossary > R > What is Retargeting audience segment definition?

What is Retargeting audience segment definition ?

A site retargeting campaign can encompasses different audience segments and a creative template or ad sequence can be planned for each segment.

For instance, an audience segment is made of prospects who have visited a product page and who will be exposed to a classic product dynamic creative.

Visitors who have abandoned a product at the shopping cart level are an other audience segment and will be exposed to an ad with the product and an additional selling point related to quick or free delivery.

Audience segments for retargeting are defined at the retargeting platform level directly by the advertiser or by a retargeting vendor account manager / consultant.

Audience segment are set up by gathering one or several retargeting pixel code, or more precisely several event or product IDs associated with pixel requests (for more details see retargeting pixel code).

Retargeting audience segments are also commonly called retargeting lists.

Building a segment on a retargeting platform:

Published on Sunday 13 January 2013 (Authors)