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The digital marketing glossary > R > What is Retargeting definition?

What is Retargeting definition ?

Retargeting is the process of fetching back an audience which has already been exposed to a message, offer or advertiser’s website. There are, in principles, different kinds of retargeting in digital marketing context. Nevertheless, retargeting is most often used for referring to a particular form of retargeting also and initially called site retargeting.

In this latter case, retargeting is the process by wich visitors of a website are later found and fetched back on an ad exchange, and exposed to custom tailored ads based on their previous browsing on the advertiser’s site. Most often, the targeted users are visitors who have not converted and the dynamic ads display products which have been previously browsed. Retargeting for online retailers is the best known and identified form of site retargeting, but there are many other forms and usages.

For many more details, terms and examples about this king of retargeting techniques, see site retargeting.

As mentioned previously, there has been a shift in the term usage, but site retargeting is theoritically only a form of retargeting. Other forms of retargeting are:

- search retargeting
- creative retargeting
- email retargeting
- cross-device retargeting

Published on Saturday 30 March 2013, mis a jour le Sunday 30 November 2014 (Authors)