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The digital marketing glossary > R > What is Roadblock ad definition?

What is Roadblock ad definition ?

A roadblock refers to an ad buy by which all ads on the page are dedicated to the advertiser. Thus, the share of voices on the page are 100%.

More often, roadblocks include two ad placements and sometimes a third one.

Roadblock may be bought on a stand alone basis or be a complement for some special ad formats. For instance, interstitial ads or floating ads are often associated with a roadblock after their disappearance.

Roadblocks may reduce clutter perception and favor the notice of advertisers.

A roadblock is usually sold at a lower price than the overall price of concerned ad placements.

On some rare occasions, the different elements of the roadblock can interact. It is then a "false" roadblock and a rich media ad (see example below).

Examples of roadblock:


A "false" roadblock:


Published on Wednesday 24 October 2012, mis a jour le Friday 3 July 2015 (Authors)