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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Search advertising platform definition?

What is Search advertising platform definition ?

A search advertising platform is a sponsored links platform proposed by a search engine.

On a search advertising platforms advertisers bid on target keywords to have text ads displayed on the search engine results pages (SERP) when one of the bought keywords is used in a search query.

Search advertising platforms are performance based and publisher pay only for clicked ads.

The ad rank or ad position on the SERP is essentially determined by bidding level and ad quality (Quality Score on Adwords).

The best known search advertising platform is Google’s Adwords.

Saerch advertising platforms have very rich and complex interfaces with numerous tools to let advertisers and agencies manage their campaigns.

Some search advertising platforms like Adwords and Yahoo Bing Network are completed by a context-driven text ads network which strictly speaking are not search advertising platforms.

Examples of ads created on a search advertising platforms :

The Bing Ads search advertising platform:

Published on Saturday 29 September 2012 (Authors)