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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Search behavior definition?

What is Search behavior definition ?

Search behavior describes how users search information on the Internet. Search behavior refers essentially to behavior on search engines but it may also refers to the use of other tools (directories or Q&A websites for instance).

Knowing and understanding search behavior is evidently of great importance for digital marketers as search on the Internet has big implications for business (online & offline business). It has also many implications for non business-related sectors.

Search behavior investigations and knowledge are evidently essentials for optimizing search engine marketing (SEA + SEO). They also present many benefits for other marketing domains, digital or not, as search behavior is more and more important in overall consumer behavior.

Search behavior is also investigated closely by search engines which want know their users and for which it is a way to tune algorithms and SERP layouts. Of course, Google and other search engines are in the front row for observing search behaviors and have the most comprehensive data.

Search behavior on search engines is made of two complementary parts, search query behavior and behavior on SERPs.

Internal search behavior is a particular form of search behavior that is also interesting to know for digital marketers.

An example of use of search data for health prevention:

Published on Monday 19 November 2012 (Authors)