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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Search query behavior definition?

What is Search query behavior definition ?

Search query behavior is of great importance for optimizing search marketing and other marketing actions.

From a global point of view or for a given website or business sector, search query behavior studies investigate:

- average number of keywords per query
- use of brand name queries
- nature and content of queries
- long-tail versus short-tail queries
- types of queries (local, images, videos, advanced searches,..)
- use of refining queries
- most frequent typos
- ...

Search query behavior impacts SEO and PPC strategies and keyword choices. Thus, observing than users enter more words in search box, search marketers use long-tail bidding and SEO.

For a digital or search marketer, main sources of search data are:

- keyword tools offered by PPC platforms (i.e. Google Keyword Tool)
- independant keyword suggestion softwares and tools
- Google Webmaster Tools and similar tools
- internal search queries
- web analytics (search traffic)
- adhoc qualitative studies
- ...

Search query behavior may be completed by behavior on SERP.

Published on Monday 19 November 2012 (Authors)