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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Search query definition?

What is Search query definition ?

The search query is the word or the string of words and figures entered in the search box of a search engine to access some information on the web. A search query can also encompasse some specific typefaces and operators (e.g.,boolean operators).

The query can be entered on a search engine website (like Google) or on an internal (on-site) search engine and can be made from multiple devices.

The study of search query trends, volumes and contents (which and how many words are used) is very valuable for general marketing studies and search engine marketing (SEM) optimization.

The study of internal search queries (on-site search) is also very useful for website management and consumer studies.

Commercial and marketing stakes related to search queries are very high.

In digital marketing and SEM contexts, one differentiate three types of search queries:

- Informational queries: the user searches for general informations about a topic or product. This is the most part of search queries and some have not marketing potential.

- Navigational queries: the user knows where is the information or where he wants to go (e.g.: "Facebook"; "Walmart"). Navigational queries are an alternative to direct accesses.

- Transactional queries: Queries that suggest an intent to achieve a particular action (e.g., "buy flowers"; "game downloads"; "coupon for..").

Published on Tuesday 1 January 2013 (Authors)