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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Search retargeting definition?

What is Search retargeting definition ?

Search retargeting is a display advertising technique which consists of targeting consumers who have previously made a keyword search. Search retargeting is mainly used for keywords which are seen as purchase intent signals but can also be used for more generic keywords. An advertiser can buy his products names or competitor names.

Search retargeting principles by Chango:

Search retargeting can be seen as an equivalent to PPC search engine ads whith some differences and specific pros and cons:

- the user is not exposed to the ad in real time at the exact moment of his search query (-)
- when the user is finally reached the purchase may have been already achieved (-)
- the user can be reached many times after his initial search (+)
- many ad units and creatives can be used (+)
- there is less competition between advertisers than on the SERP (+).
- search retargeting allows advertisers to reach users all over the web while the choice and decision is made (+)

Search retargeting specialists buy search data from different data partners (publishers, comparison-shopping sites, tier-2 search engines, toolbar companies, etc) for creating cookies or profile pools. They scrape referring keywords on publisher partners by the way of a pixel tag.

According to offers and tools, search retargeting can be made at segment level or at keyword level. Recency of the search is particularly crucial in search retargeting so the search retargeting network reach is an important factor.

As for site retargeting, complex scenarii and dynamic creatives can be used for search retrageting.

Many pricing models and types of fees are used by search retargeting vendors (CPM, CPC, revenue sharing, etc.)

An exemple of site retargeting offer at segment level :

Image credit eXelate

Retargeting strategies in the marketing funnel from Chango:



Search retargeting may sometimes have an other meaning for a technique which is a mix of search retargeting and site retargeting. In this case, it consists of fetching back visitors who arrived on a website from search engines by using specific keywords and who have left the site without ordering.

Image credit High Media:

Published on Friday 4 January 2013 (Authors)