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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Second screen definition?

What is Second screen definition ?

Second screen refers to smartphones or tablets used while whatching TV. The use of a second screen is a growing phenomenon and has huge potential for digital marketing, traditional TV advertising and TV program promotion.

Multitasking and second screen phenomenon according to Nielsen cross platform report 2012:

Second screen phenomenon

Main marketing uses of second screen phenomenon are:
- linking and enhancing TV commercials with online content and experience
- use of second screen synchronized applications
- use of Twitter and hashtags during a program
- ...

The first large scale marketing use of second screen was probably the Coke polar bear experiment with 9 million consumers checking in on social media what the polar bears were up to during the 2012 SuperBowl and spending an average of 28 minutes interacting with the bears.

Fifty percent of 2013 Super Bowl ads used hashtags

Published on Tuesday 12 March 2013, mis a jour le Saturday 30 March 2013 (Authors)