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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Sequential advertising definition?

What is Sequential advertising definition ?

Sequential advertising is the process of showing different ad creatives to a single user in a precise order. Each creative may be shown one or several times. An ad sequence can be displayed within a same session, across a single site or across a network for several days.

Sequential advertising is done by the way of cookies and capping practices and is managed at ad server level.

It can be a simple pre-established sequence or a complex scenario based on user’s interaction and history. Sequentail advertising can be especially valuable for site-retargeting campaigns.

Sequential advertising has many benefits:

- it limits banner fatigue
- it allows advertisers to tell a story (story telling / storyboarding)
- it allows to change and multiply selling point
- it can be adapted to user’s ad interactions (click, engagement,..) and history (site retargeting)

It has also some limits:

- creative 2 may be displayed without user having really seen creative 1
- users can feel to be stalked

Published on Wednesday 2 January 2013, mis a jour le Friday 26 July 2013 (Authors)