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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Session-based DNI definition?

What is Session-based DNI definition ?

Session-based DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) is the only call tracking method allowing marketers to dispose of keword-level call tracking data for a website.

Session-based DNI assigns every single visitor a unique phone number until the browser session ends. This way, it is theorically possible to collect and link to a call all session related data:
- complete URL used for accessing the site (which may include search keywords)
- referring source
- visit behavior (internal search, visited pages, etc.)

Session-based DNI has been used mainly for his ability to track the specific search keywords that provide a visit and a call. Nevertheless, since Google’s new privacy policy that doesn’t pass along search keywords in URLs for logged users, most than half of the time keywords can’t be retrieved and session-based DNI is increasingly useless for keyword-level call tracking.

Session-based DNI is expensive due to massive number pools it needs (one number by visitor). Though, it may be still useful for BtoB high ticket services and when it is useful to have other session related data.

For more details and other DNI-based tracking methods see DNI and call tracking.

Published on Friday 21 June 2013 (Authors)