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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Smart TV app definition?

What is Smart TV app definition ?

As the name implies, a smart TV application is an application designed to run on a smart TV screen according to the same principles of operations as a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. The big difference, however, is that a smart TV app is not directly handled by the use of a touch screen but through the remote control or by other means still to develop - movement recognition or synchronized smartphone apps.

A smart TV app can be installed by default by the manufacturer or downloaded and installed from an application store.

Like mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, smart TV apps should give rise to numerous marketing and advertising usages.

- branded apps
- e-commerce apps
- service and support apps (i.e bank services)
- ...

Some popular smart TV apps might have dedicated buttons on the remote control.

The smart TV applications can also be used as advertising media with a potentially interesting ad formats for advertisers on the big screen.

Published on Monday 6 April 2015, mis a jour le Tuesday 1 September 2015 (Authors)