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The digital marketing glossary > S > What is Subsequent user initiated file load definition?

What is Subsequent user initiated file load definition ?

The subsequent user initiated file load refers traditionally to a Flash or video ad file to be loaded when the user click on a banner to see a video or an animation.

The user initiated file is associated with the use of polite downloading for polite banner in the context of rich media ads. For not disturbing the user and his browsing experience this file is not pre-loaded.

IAB defines "User initiation" as "the willful act of a user to engage with an ad. Users may interact by clicking on the ad, and/or rolling over an ad (or a portion of an ad). A roll-over is defined as a willful pause of the user’s cursor on the target portion of the creative (the “hot spot”), such pause lasting at least 1-second in duration, before an action may be initiated by the ad".

For more details see polite loading.

IAB guidelines usually imposes a subsequent max user initiated file load size and additional streaming file size:

Published on Monday 29 October 2012 (Authors)