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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Technographic targeting definition?

What is Technographic targeting definition ?

Technographic targeting is a targeting method using data related to the computer equipement and environment of the web user. These data are transmitted between the user’s device - computer, tablet, smartphone or connected TV - and Internet servers according to the Internet Protocol (IP).

Informations collected by the ad server and used for technographic targeting are:

- browser type and version
- language setting
- operating system
- connection speed
- domain
- top level domain
- IP address

Browser type targeting is for instance used by browsers editors to only promote their browser in front of non users.

Connection speed is used to select the best ad format for a given user. For instance, users with good connection (bandwith) will see an HD video ad.

Domain targeting can be used to target big universities students or big companies employees.

IP targeting is used for geotargeting and company targeting.

Smartphone and tablet development has brought up new kinds of technographic targeting:

- device and device model targeting
- Wi-Fi targeting
- OS targeting
- Carrier targeting

Below, an example of technographic targeting on this site based on browser brand. The visitor sees a banner and a text link for Chrome because he is using Firefox.

technographic targeting

Published on Friday 11 January 2013, mis a jour le Monday 14 January 2013 (Authors)