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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Text mining definition?

What is Text mining definition ?

Text mining can be defined as the art of extracting significative data from large amount of written texts. Text mining techniques allow to structure and categorize text contents which are initially non organized and heterogeneous. It allows to identify trends, topics and tones.

Text mining was used before Internet advent, but this latter has multiplied opportunities of use.

Text mining is used for marketing intelligence and analysis.

Text mining can be used for :

- brand and product image monitoring
- consumer trends detection
- product development
- ....

The main sources of texts are:

- social media
- consumer reviews
- blog or news comments
- inbound emails
- ...

For instance a Samsung’s television ad broadcasted in 2012 which mocks Apple was partly crafted by mining hundreds of thousands of Tweets complaining of specific features of the iPhone and incorporating them into its pitch.

Published on Tuesday 30 October 2012 (Authors)