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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Third party ad tag definition?

What is Third party ad tag definition ?

Third party ad tag definition may vary according to points of view.

In ad trafficking context, a third party ad tag is an IFRAME or Javascript tag implemented at the publisher or network ad server level to redirect to a third party server where the creative is finally retrieved. The use of a third party tag is then an alternative to the more common practice of uploading directly the creative on the publisher ad server. See more details and illustrations on third party ad serving.

An example of third party ad tag using IFRAME:

At the page or site level and from the visitor point of view, third party ad tags are also all ad tags implemented on the page or website in ad placements. They are considered as third party tags because they instruct the visitor’s browser to redirect to an other server and domain for retrieving the creative.

Image credit Liedamnedlies

According to this meaning, third party ad tags are only a kind of all third party tags which can be found on a website.

Published on Sunday 18 November 2012 (Authors)