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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Twitter TV ad targeting definition?

What is Twitter TV ad targeting definition ?

Twitter TV ad targeting is an advertising offer by Twitter that allows national TV commercial advertisers to amplify their TV ad effects by using Promoted Tweets.

The principle is to display Promoted Tweets only to Twitter users who have just been exposed to the advertiser’s ad on TV.

Twitter gives advertisers a TV ads dashboard which shows when brand’s TV ads have aired by using video fingerprinting technology and identifies - thanks to hashtags and content - users on Twitter who tweeted about the program where the ad aired.

The TV ad dashboard (image credit Twitter):

Twitter TV ad targeting

According to Twitter, beta tests revealed that the impact of using Twitter in combination with TV advertising is significantly greater than that of using TV advertising alone. For this reason Twitter offer is also called Twitter Amplify.

Twitter TV ad targeting offer capitalizes on social TV and second screen phenomenons.

Twitter TV ad targeting offer:

Published on Thursday 1 August 2013 (Authors)