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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Twitter affiliate marketing definition?

What is Twitter affiliate marketing definition ?

Twitter affiliate marketing refers to the process of posting tweets to generate affiliate commissions. The short URLs promoted in tweets redirect to classic affiliate links whith affiliate IDs.

There are two forms of affiliate marketing on Twitter.

The first is a classic and "legitimate" use of Twitter by traditional affiliates who have a specific audience on Twitter and elsewhere. They use their followers as they may use newsletter subscribers to generate affiliate revenues.

The second way of using Twitter for affiliate marketing is more opportunistic or spammy and may be seen as an issue. Some affiliates post tweets with affiliate links without having many followers. They use popular hashtags within their tweets to attract audiences and clicks. The hashtags may be related to the promoted products or be tied to popular hashtag trends - celebs, TV program hashtags, etc. Some of these affiliates create multiple Twitter identities to produce fake retweets for trying to fool Twitter’s algorithm.

Twitter affiliate marketing

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Published on Sunday 7 April 2013, mis a jour le Monday 8 April 2013 (Authors)