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The digital marketing glossary > T > What is Twitter followers buy definition?

What is Twitter followers buy definition ?

Twitter followers buy is used to artificially inflate the displayed number of followers on a Twitter account.

It is generally used for personnal branding or by some brands or agencies.

For personnal branding it is essentially an ego matter. For brands, it can also be an ego issue or an intent to have a respectable number of followers in the first days of an account or against competitors. It may also be a desire to figure in specialized charts.

Some followers are probably bought by marketers or agencies for show in front of immediate superiors or customers (advertisers).

Bought Twitter followers are generally fake or inactive accounts and do not answer or retweet.

It is the same effects and phenomenon as for Facebook fan buy.


A tool which offers to check follower quality:

Published on Monday 29 October 2012 (Authors)