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The digital marketing glossary > U > What is URL rewriting definition?

What is URL rewriting definition ?

URL rewriting is the process of automatically transforming a dynamic URL into a static URL for SEO and search ranking purposes.

Through the URL rewriting process in effect on this website the initial dynamic URL :


has been tranformed into a static and more significant URL :


URL rewriting has been considered as a mean to optimize indexing and search rankings, but today, this is no longer really true - see static URL for more details.

Almost all websites optimized for SEO use URL rewriting and the rewriting feature is offered in all popular CMS tools. Today, URL rewriting is not really a factor of differentiation.

URL rewriting being still good for search ranking is therefore partly a myth, but it is also good for user experience as it is a visual indicator of page content or subject. Thus, it provides higher click-trough rates in SERPs.

Published on Saturday 13 December 2014, mis a jour le Tuesday 16 December 2014 (Authors)