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The digital marketing glossary > U > What is Ungated content definition?

What is Ungated content definition ?

Ungated content refers to a content marketing strategy by which the content is freely accessible without requiring to fill up a webform or signing-in.

The concept of ungated content is mostly used for referring to downloadable content or viewable content like webinars but it may also be used for all kinds of contents.

In content marketing context, the fact of choosing to ungate content allows marketers to maximize downloads or exposures. The downside is that with ungated content no addressable informations are collected and potential consumers can’t be directly contacted later. Therefore, they can possibly be touched through display site retargeting.

Ungated content is more often used for branding goals when you want maximize audience and exposure.

Ungated content is most often used in B2C context than for B2B strategies.

See also the content gating alternative.

Published on Tuesday 16 December 2014 (Authors)