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The digital marketing glossary > U > What is Unique visitors overstatement definition?

What is Unique visitors overstatement definition ?

Unique visitor overstatement is a well known phenomenon in web analytics based upon site-centric methods.

Unique visitors overstatement is due to cookie deletion and cross-device browsing.

If a users visits three times a web site within a month and deletes his cookies, he is commonly counted as three unique visitors. The bias is usually the same if a user visits the site from three different devices.

A 2009 comScore U.K. study has estimated that a server-centric measurement system using first party cookies will typically overstate the true number of unique visitors by a factor of up to 2.4X.

It may be thought that with an increase of cookie deletion and the rise of cross-device navigation, the overstatement is much worse.

Unique visitor overstatement can be reduced with cross-device identification.

Published on Sunday 30 November 2014 (Authors)