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The digital marketing glossary > U > What is Unsold ad inventory definition?

What is Unsold ad inventory definition ?

Strictly speaking, unsold ad inventory is, for a publisher, all ad impressions which are finally not sold because of no buyer demands or bids below a floor price.

Unsold ad inventory is then used for house ads, bartering or PSAs.

Due to bulk buys by ad networks and real time bidding, there is very little real unsold inventory.

In a broader sense, unsold inventory may refer to ad impressions which are not sold on a guaranteed basis by in-house sales teams or premium networks and according to rate card prices. This inventory is called remnant inventory and for large publishers it may represent the most part of their inventory. This temporary unsold inventory is then sold through ad networks or ad exchanges at a lower price.

Published on Friday 16 November 2012, mis a jour le Saturday 24 August 2013 (Authors)