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The digital marketing glossary > V > What is Video in email definition?

What is Video in email definition ?

Video in email is a long running story in email marketing debates. The principle is to use video benefits within an email campaign. Video in email his being tested for more than 10 years, but despite some improvement, it is always meeting some rendering issues or hiccups.

Video in email can in fact refers to different usages.

The older is a simple referral toward a webhosted video on the advertiser website or on YouTube channel. In this case the link is generally a screenshot of the video. Of course, it’s not really a video email.

Another solution is to use animated gif to simulate video visual effect. Animated gif has more acceptance from email clients and services but the animation has to be short. See more : animated gifs in email.

The third and only real email video is the embedded video technique. Principles are the same as for YouTube video integration. The video is offered and viewed within the email, but it is hosted on the web. To see more on the topic see embedded video.

The real potential of video email varies according to activities and types of campaigns.

Some video in email examples :


Published on Saturday 20 October 2012, mis a jour le Sunday 21 October 2012 (Authors)