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The digital marketing glossary > V > What is Viral seeding definition?

What is Viral seeding definition ?

Viral seeding is the process of launching a content, most often a promotional content (viral video ad, game, website, etc.), for gaining free audience via virality and sharing.

Most often, viral seeding includes two stages.

The first is to place the content to promote on the Internet, for instance uploading videos on social video platforms. In this stage sharing tools are placed or integrated with the content.

The second stage is to launch the viral mechanism of sharing. The goal is to gain first wievers or users and to hope they will share and promote the content. In this stage different free tools and paid ad placements may be used:
- promoted videos on YouTube
- display ads
- paid search
- ppc ads
- organic and sponsored Tweets
- free and paid endorsements
- advertorial
- online & offline PR
- TV commercials
- ...

When the potential of virality is good, paid placements are not really needed. First viewers may be agency’s and advertiser’s employees or some bloggers and the viral phenomen should take off.

When the viral content is not enough good, there are few recommendations and the most part of audience is finally paid audience.

The most common form of viral seeding is video seeding.

Some agencies have developed dedicated seeding services

Published on Thursday 13 June 2013 (Authors)