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The digital marketing glossary > W > What is White label affiliate program definition?

What is White label affiliate program definition ?

White label affiliate program is particular form of affiliate program within which the affiliate will promote a product or service on his website without referring to the real service provider or the seller which is the merchant. As it would be for any affiliate program, the affiliate is paid according to a pay per sale commission.

The merchant offering a white label program to affiliates provide modules which can be customized for website integration. The visitor using a white label service is usually under the impression it is provided by the visited website. The real service provider may appear through payment process when a sale is done.

White label affiliation can be done through direct affiliation or through a platform.

White label affiliation enable the affiliate to:
- build his own brand.
- sell products directly on his website without forwarding visitors
- benefit from any repeat business.

Example of Expedia white label program:

Published on Saturday 3 August 2013 (Authors)